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Scientific studies have shown music to have a powerful impact on the brain and helps to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Not only is music known to have an effect on our mood and our bodies in all sorts of ways, but when music training begins and continues in the course of 5 years, the brain has had many benefits in cognitive skills, decision making, social behavior, and ultimately seen changes in brain structure. It is imperative to not only do 1 or 2 lessons when doing music, but to stay the course and continue expanding and learning music as it has unique and life changing benefits. In addition, when learning to play an instrument for the first time or simply re-learning music, it teaches discipline, responsibility, time-management and perseverance. 


Pax offers a variety of music lessons starting with Drums, Bass, Piano, and Guitar. These are for students ranging from ages 4 and up. You will be getting private 1-on-1 instruction with a more contemporary instructional  format and individualized lesson plan versus traditional curriculum.

Here is what is included in your lessons with Pax:

*Learning how to play contemporary songs that make it fun, engaging and exciting.

*Learning how to play with another musician and learning ear technique, tempo, and musical theory.

*Flipped instruction: Pax will create individualized videos to help each student so they can review and practice in preparation for their lessons.

*A recording of your work or your child on their instrument. Pax does professional recordings in an effort to help students reach a goal and to have something they can watch, listen and be proud of.

music lessons

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